My focus is the complete experience. To unite the old school wisdom and savoir-faire of beauty with the latest in clinical know-how and results.

This is clinical beauty. The best of both worlds.

Welcome to Melanie Grant.


OUR WORK AT MELANIE GRANT is grounded in the idea of Clinical Beauty. This is how we combine different therapies – old and new – with clinical products and procedures for an amazing experience that delivers true results.

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BESPOKE is my personal advisory, planning and treatment service. Using a gentle and long term approach to skin health, these corrective and procedural treatments provide the foundation for great skin.

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IN THE WORLD OF BEAUTY Melanie Grant is one of those go-to specialists whose signature facials and treatments achieve the kind of luminous results that go hand in hand with a good boost of inner confidence.


Moda Familia

IF WHALE MUSIC AND THE flitter-flutter of a therapist’s fingers sounds like the most blissful way to experience a facial, move along, honey —there’s nothing to see at Melanie Grant’s chic Double Bay salon. Don’t let the glam white decor and calming vibe lull you into a false sense of Zen — once you enter a treatment room, prepare to accept that Grant’s not leaving a single pore unturned.


Harpers Bazaar

WITH HER CLIENTS DESCRIBING HER as “my saviour” (Catherine McNeil) and “the only person I let touch my face” (Nicole Warne), it’s enough to make a facialist blush – but no doubt Grant has a treatment for that, too.


QANTAS A-List · Best from Around the World

Hydrating Glow Facial   ·   Three things we love – enzymes, ultrasound and light therapy – get rolled into one power facial that works best as part of a series of treatments. Your skin will appear as though it’s lit from underneath the surface.



If Coco Chanel is the grandmother of fashion, then Melanie is the wise, cool older cousin of beauty. When she speaks, we listen. When she stocks a product in her practise, we lather it lovingly on our faces. Ily, Melanie!


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