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Lisa Hensley

For many years I have suffered with the painful skin condition Rosacea. No one seemed to be able to help and I couldn’t find a product on the market to soothe the increasing redness, irritation and peeling that was invading my face. By the time I found Melanie at her clinic – I felt quite helpless.

How lucky I was to find her. Not only did she tackle the problem directly with treatments, she never stopped searching for the ‘right’ cream for my condition. She also tirelessly researched how I could change my diet, which had enormous benefits.

The standout quality for me though is her soft, gentle nature and her willingness to do what it takes to bring about the best result for her client.

She has achieved the near impossible and eradicated my Rosacea leaving me with great inner confidence. Simply… I adore her.

She is stuck with me.

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