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Notes on Augustinus Bader

Notes on Augustinus Bader

My trusted friend and client introduced me to THE CREAM whilst recently treating her in Paris. She uses the product religiously and her skin is sublime. Over the course of this particular residency, my skin became sore, dry, red and highly sensitised. This was from unusual arctic weather (average temps were a cool -4ºC to -5ºC), and exacerbated by the hard French water. Following my client's lead, I began using THE RICH CREAM. Within a couple of days, every last trace of Parisian-induced reactivity had settled and my skin was plump, supple and restored. I was hooked.

Professor Bader is an internationally recognised authority within regenerative sciences. Bader holds over 200 patents and peer-reviewed papers. It is this background that led to the development of THE CREAM. He was driven by the question: Why do some wounds heal without a trace, while others don’t heal at all? Whilst treating burns victims, he developed a hydrogel cream which, in some patients, eliminated the need for skin grafts. Revolutionary. Following this development, he realised there could be similar implications for the ageing process. And thus, THE CREAM was born.

Bader settled on two products: THE CREAM and THE RICH CREAM. For those of us with normal to dry skin, or looking for a luxurious night cream, I recommend The Rich Cream. Oilier skin types should opt for The Cream, equally as hydrating but with a lighter consistency.

The appeal of the products are not limited to the spectacular results alone. The application process is an absolute pleasure. The high-quality, fragrance-free formula is fast absorbing. The proceeds, an instantaneously plump and hydrated complexion which, in my personal experience, lasts throughout the day. Using the product twice daily for 27 days – the amount of time needed for skin to complete the regeneration process – my skin was a far cry from its state the month prior. Even now after escaping the bitter Parisian climate all those months ago, my skin still craves it.

Tip: for optimal usage, sweep the cream from your nose, to ears and across your forehead, and then massage over cheeks to temples, chin, neck, and décollete

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