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Notes on My Diet & Supplements馃嵈 鉂わ笍

Notes on My Diet & Supplements馃嵈 鉂わ笍

When I wake, I drink a cup of hot water, and then maybe 500ml of room temp alkaline water. I like the alkalife brand water and usually infuse it with things like cucumber, and lemon and ginger. This way I tend to drink more.

Next a coffee with almond milk – I try to make my own almond milk sometimes, but next best is Nutty Bruce, it goes well with coffee and doesn鈥檛 have all of the added sugars. Diet is everything when it comes to great skin! I try to follow an anti-inflammatory diet. I’m not a nutritionist, but I think it works really well for me. This means no gluten or wheat, no dairy, no refined sugar and the list of聽聽list of no鈥檚 goes on!

For breakfast, it鈥檚 always a smoothie with baby spinach, blueberries, plant-based protein and all of my powders from sun potion, l-glutamine, bone broth and Natren pre and probiotics with water and ice. I have the same lunch every day. I don鈥檛 like farmed salmon, I order wild Canadian salmon online and get it delivered to my favourite cafe in Double Bay. They poach me a small piece and I鈥檒l either have it with brown rice or half an avocado or just on it鈥檚 own. I never eat salads during the day,聽聽however, I probably eat way too many nuts. But they are activated!

I love lots of peppermint tea, and English breakfast in the afternoon, but just a jiggle in hot water, (with no sugar of course.) Dinner is always chicken or fish with salad or vegetables. I try and put bone broth into almost everything that I cook, it鈥檚 so good for you! I slow cook most things in winter, it鈥檚 so easy and then I don鈥檛 have to rush when I get home.

Supplements – I love taking supplements, I eat well so I really shouldn鈥檛 have to but I feel better when I do. Sun potion make amazing herbal powders, I like He Shou Wu and Triphala.

For tonics I love the brand Blessed Herbs. Thorne for l-glutamine and enzymes, Solgar for biotin and B complex, Nordic Naturals for fish oil and Natren for probiotics. Bioceuticals for B12 spray and zinc and lots of other great supplements. Gosh too many to actually list. Also I take different ones on different days, I space it out.



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