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Notes on My Morning Regime

Notes on My Morning Regime

Morning regime聽@tomboybeauty聽SKINCARE (AM): After getting my kids ready for school, I have a shower and cleanse my skin. My approach to beauty is simple and clinical; everything has a purpose.

I usually cleanse with a gentle cleanser in the morning. At the moment I am using Eminence lemon cleanser. When it comes to products I like to change it up and try different things all the time. I am currently alternating between SkinMedica TNS Recovery Serum and Skinceuticals CE Ferulic which I have used forever. After that, I apply a moisturiser, Chanel LA SOLUTION 10 and my sunscreen, Elta MD. It is very liquid-y, so if I want a bit of coverage I mix it with a tinted moisturiser and it creates this really sheer and dewy veil on the skin.

I don鈥檛 wear a lot of makeup during the day. Normally, it鈥檚 just a tiny bit of Sisley Concealer under my eyes. It鈥檚 one of the only ones for dark circles that doesn鈥檛 irritate me because my eyes are quite sensitive. I use Kevyn Acuoin and then I use a Lanc么me eyeliner in Emerald Green. I have green eyes so I figure it matches! It鈥檚 really fresh for the day instead of black. I do blue and an olive green as well, just the tiniest flick on the out corner of the eye. And then I use Chanel hydra beauty lip balm or a By Terry lip gloss.

If I am going out at night I still don鈥檛 do heavy makeup. I think it鈥檚 about having really luminous and dewy skin, with a flick of eyeliner, some mascara, and a strong brow. But I keep it very clean. I use Chantecaille Just Skin mixed in with an illuminator. I might do an eyeliner in a beautiful cobalt blue and then lots of mascara. I don鈥檛 use lashes鈥擨 hate lashes! Sometimes I鈥檒l swap eyeliner for a lipstick. Something nude, red or pink. I love TOM FORD Lipstick in Wild Ginger, it鈥檚 an orangey red. Or a matte fuchsia pink lipstick from Chanel.

MG x

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