Now Reading: Notes on Summer Skincare (Part One)

Notes on Summer Skincare (Part One)

Notes on Summer Skincare (Part One)

As with all seasonal changes, when the mercury rises it鈥檚 important to adjust our skincare regime accordingly. Here鈥檚 a few rules I live by ...

Swap out your oil or milky cleanser for a lighter AHA gel cleanser or a micellar water. 馃挦

Incorporating a vitamin C serum into your morning routine will not only enhance your sun protection, it also protects your skin from free radical damage, promotes collagen production and lightens and brightens our skin tone. A true multi-tasker!

Find a broad spectrum SPF 50 that you like the look and feel of to ensure that you wear it each and every day. So many of us skip our sunscreen application because we don鈥檛 like the heavy, greasy formula on our shelf. Sunscreens have come a really long way – there are a lot of different textures including breathable and mattifying formulas. Remember that the sunscreen in your makeup doesn鈥檛 provide sufficient protection and always apply the equivalent of a heaped teaspoon to cover your face, neck and d茅collet茅.

While sunscreen has come along way, it鈥檚 not foolproof. We can still accumulate so much damage on our skin, especially the d茅colletage, when wearing only SPF alone. Always wear a big hat and cover your chest with a rashie (zimmermann and Myraswim are my favourite) when you鈥檙e at the beach or outdoors for longer periods.


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