Now Reading: Notes on Summer Skincare (Part Two)

Notes on Summer Skincare (Part Two)

Notes on Summer Skincare (Part Two)

Change over your rich, heavy moisturiser for a light weight lotion or gel cremè to prevent congestion and blocked pores. Never skip a moisturiser just because you feel that your skin is too oily or blemish prone. Oil dry is different to water dry, so find something that you like the feel of, even a hydrating serum instead of a cream if you’re super oily.

Exfoliate at least two to three times per week to remove the build up of dead skin cells, oil, makeup, sunscreen and debris. Try swiping an exfoliating water on a cotton round over your face, neck and décolleté. If you’re prone to bumps or blemishes on your back, butt or arms use an aha cleanser/body wash in the shower and try a body lotion with aha’s to prevent build up from sweat and oil.

Our skin produces more oil in summer so swap heavy foundation and powder for a tinted moisturiser or BB cream to prevent congestion and breakouts. Besides light, dewy makeup looks fresher in summer.

I always like to apply an anti pigment/ brightening serum at night time to prevent any brown spots or uneven skin tone. For those of us with melasma/hormone induced pigment remember that this condition is stimulated by heat as well as sunlight, staying cool as well as avoiding the sun will help to prevent and manage excessive darkening.

If you like a little colour, a faux tan is always better than a real tan. New generation formulas yield a super natural colour and glow sans the awful smell or damaging effects of the sun.

Stay hydrated by drinking at least two litres of water each day to keep your skin supple and juicy.


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