Now Reading: Beauticate · How To Get Supermodel Skin

Beauticate · How To Get Supermodel Skin

Beauticate · How To Get Supermodel Skin

It’s no secret that supermodels were blessed in the genetic lottery of looks. But that doesn’t mean the rest of us must be left out in the cold. When the ‘born with it’ doesn’t come into the aesthetic equation, thankfully we’ve got a plethora of cover-up, blemish-blurring, flaw-hiding products at our disposal. And, best of all, we have such wonders as Melanie Grant – a saviour to skin, with a penchant for making the everyday woman a supermodel. Well, an everyday woman with supermodel skin, anyway. Here are her tips, tricks and tonics for a flawless face…

As we’ve established, there’s no shortage of good genetics for models. It accounts for those long-limbs, high cheekbones and Amazonian height, even sans stiletto. But, when it comes to skin, they’re job is one big hazard and it takes a lot of dedication to the process to keep it camera-ready. And, it starts at home …

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