Now Reading: Gritty Pretty · Autumn 2016

Gritty Pretty · Autumn 2016

Gritty Pretty · Autumn 2016

Tucked away in the leafy Sydney suburb of Double Bay, Melanie Grant tends to the skin of the rich, famous and a plethora of brides-to-be.

While it’s the eastern suburbs elite that seek her out (don’t worry Melbournians, Melanie Grant is opening a second clinic in, if you rewind 15 plus years, it was her own skin she constantly experimented on (and her mother’s beauty cupboard she raided) and it’s that early passion and continual dedication for beautiful skin that gives her an edge now. “We specialise in just one thing – skin,” says Grant, who was recently appointed skin expert for CHANEL Australia. “The team are not sidetracked by trying to be a one-stop shop by offering fillers, botox or hair removal”. Constantly in search for the best products and treatments, her challenge for the business will always be to innovate. To find the best way to get a result without getting caught up in fads, opting for treatments combining natural, organic and plant-based products with ingredients like human growth factors and stem cells.

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