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Harper’s BAZAAR · Ace Of Face

Harper’s BAZAAR · Ace Of Face

We’re all for sharing local knowledge on TripAdvisor, but when it comes to facials, that’s BAZAAR’s territory. Here, our line-up of the über-exclusive treatments every woman should experience at least once in a lifetime.

IF WHALE MUSIC AND THE flitter-flutter of a therapist’s fingers sounds like the most blissful way to experience a facial, move along, honey —there’s nothing to see at Melanie Grant’s chic Double Bay salon. Don’t let the glam white decor and calming vibe lull you into a false sense of Zen — once you enter a treatment room, prepare to accept that Grant’s not leaving a single pore unturned.

Harper’s Bazaar · Ace of Face

By Eugenie Kelly and Sophie Bloomfield


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