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Harper’s BAZAAR · The Investment Portfolio

Harper's BAZAAR · The Investment Portfolio

INVESTMENT: My complexion “In the past, I’ve categorised anything beauty-related as a ‘luxury’, but that mentality definitely shifted leading up to my wedding. I see facialist Melanie Grant, who has completely changed my skin. Before her, I rarely had treatments as my skin is sensitive and I have a complex about people touching my face.

I can access renowned international specialists, but I can’t afford to have my skin react and I’m so pedantic about it that I’ll only see Mel and the people she trusts, like her naturopath, Anthia Koullouros from Ovvio Organics in Sydney’s Paddington. Anthia has got to the bottom of health issues related to my skin, like my perioral dermatitis. Now, with the help of Chinese herbal medicine and probiotics, my skin is amazing. My regimen consists of five steps. Cleanse, hydrating serum, moisturiser, sunscreen, eye cream. I love anything Cosmedix, plus Biologique Recherche Sérum Placenta. I’m obsessed with masking, exfoliating and microdermabrasion, plus I’ll book regular light-therapy (Omnilux) treatments. Skincare and makeup cost me at least $700 a month. Sometimes I’ll spend $1000 on a product, but that’s a three-month supply. When I was younger I’d wear heavier makeup, but the older I’ve become, the more comfortable I am [without]. When women wear hardly any makeup and are clearly comfortable with it, that’s so beautiful. I didn’t set out to create a business built around my ‘appearance’, but the beauty side of things that comes with it is a definite perk. And I don’t take it for granted.”





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