Now Reading: LOVE TWAIN · Skin: Melanie Grant

LOVE TWAIN · Skin: Melanie Grant

LOVE TWAIN · Skin: Melanie Grant

With more than 15 years of experience behind her (visible on her faultless porcelain skin) and a salon oasis that can only be described as the closet thing you will get to a holiday, it’s little wonder why the fashion industry’s finest are scrambling to book an appointment. Naturally, we had to know more and a few questions would just not suffice. Tea in hand, settle in your own oasis and discover how you can get closer to Lara Bingle skin.

She’s the ‘go to’ skin guru for the likes of Lara Worthington, Nicole Warne and Jessica Gomes – to name a few. Basically any of THE crème de la crème of skin muses you lust over on Instagram and on the pages of Vogue, have this lady to thank.

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