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Mamamia · Chest Wrinkles

Mamamia · Chest Wrinkles

Every woman over the age of 27 has woken up with these. Here’s how to stop them.

If lotions and chest pads are too late for you, Director of Double Bay Clinic (and possessor of excellent skin), Melanie Grant recommends in-salon treatments like lactic acid peels, which are resurfacing and also promote hydration, Omnilux light therapy treatments and hydrating treatments. “If they are really deep or pronounced you may benefit from a fractional laser treatment or deep skin needling  to rejuvenate the skin at a deeper level and promote collagen,” Grant says. She adds, “always, always apply your skincare especially your SPF to the neck, décolletage and bust as well as your face. Remember your face ends at your boobs.”

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