Now Reading: Sunday Life · This Week I Try…A Laser Facial

Sunday Life · This Week I Try…A Laser Facial

Sunday Life · This Week I Try...A Laser Facial

I am with the dynamic Melanie Grant, who now has skin temples in Melbourne, Sydney, Paris and Los Angeles, for her Bespoke Laser Facial. In this treatment she uses a combination of laser, IPL (intense pulsed light), radio frequency and soothing LED light to target pigmentation and redness. An additional benefit is an increase in collagen synthesis, which gives skin a firming boost and a more unified tone.

Pain factor 

I cannot lie, the laser is really ouchy.


Sixty minutes for the treatment. I was quite red and looked a little swollen for a couple of days after, so I used a tinted moisturiser to disguise the redness.


Once my skin settled down, the texture was finer and firmer and the skin tone very even.

Where to get it 

Melanie Grant Skin Health; Cost: $550.

At home 

The use of AHAs, BHA and retinol should be avoided for 72 hours after treatment to allow the skin to recover. Then you can resume your usual regime, making sure to include a broad-spectrum SPF 50+, of course.

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