Now Reading: VOGUE · How To Manage Melasma: A Guide

VOGUE · How To Manage Melasma: A Guide

VOGUE · How To Manage Melasma: A Guide

There are a number of factors that can contribute to melasma, a facial pigmentation that can cause brown, blotchy patches of discoloured skin to appear across one’s face. Even celebrities like Lara Worthington, Jenna Dewan, Zoë Foster Blake and Molly Sims have all revealed they suffered from melasma at one stage or another. So, we delve into the reasons melasma can pop up and how to control the situation when it does, scroll on.

What is melasma?

“It usually appears across the forehead, cheeks and upper lip in a butterfly pattern, but can also appear in single spots or patches,” says Sydney-based skin whisperer and director of Melanie Grant Skin Health, Melanie Grant. “This type of pigment often presents during pregnancy, hormone replacement therapy or for those of us on the pill. It can also appear without any of the above factors.”

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