Après Avant · Healthy, Happy Skin With Melanie Grant

By June 6, 2016No Comments

As one does these days, I came to know of Melanie Grant and her wicked skin ways via Instagram. Scrolling through her feed and Stories, I spotted the likes of Lara Worthington, Jessica Gomes, Nicole Warne and more beauties with perfect complexions raving about Melanie’s Midas touch. It just so happened that I’ve been a long-time admirer of this particular set of stars and their radiant visages. Often photographed barefaced or with little makeup, I’d developed some sort of a kinship with these women as a firm believer myself that glowing skin speaks for itself.

That one didn’t need lots of makeup — or any at all — to be beautifully presentable, if one had good skin. That less is more, to restate my beauty mantra.

It follows then that when I planned to visit Melanie’s Melbourne clinic for a Custom Skin Health Facial treatment, I was beyond excited. When I arrived at the black and white sanctuary in Armadale — with greedy eyes (and my iPhone) taking a mental (and literal) picture of every photograph on the wall; every trinket and ornament on the marble cocktail table — I felt giddy with anticipation. As I later told my therapist, “nothing was going to come between me and my appointment today”.

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