Doré · The Single Best Thing You Can Do For Your Skin

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But, the other night I went to an event where I wasn’t asked about cousin Susan’s Bat Mitzvah makeup. Instead, the group of ladies I just met looked me straight in the eye asked with journalistic intensity “what’s the single best thing you can do for your skin?” There were a million ways I could have answered, but while I was busy thinking about how to choose just one, my honest, truthful answer just kind of tumbled out of my mouth: “look after your gut, and get into ingestible beauty”. See, after years in the industry, this was the one thing that worked for me. It’d seen me take my skin from “needs illuminator to avoid corpse-chic” to actually radiating in health. And because of it I take my ingestible beauty powder (The Beauty Chef, Glow) with me wherever I travel. Seriously if it’s between Glow and underwear, commando it is.

This conversation got me thinking about what other people – the real experts – would say when asked that question… and if their advice would be the same as every model, ever (“drink water”, “sleep eight hours”). So guess what I did? I went out and asked some very incredible people that very question. And here’s what they said:

The facialist: Melanie Grant, Facialist and Founder of Melanie Grant Skin Health
“Apply sunscreen every single day – rain, hail or shine. I always maintain a preventative approach to skin health and protecting your skin from the sun helps to deter a myriad of common skin concerns – including degeneration of collagen, accelerated ageing, sun induced pigmentation and cellular damage. But as far as ingredients go, I love retinol. It’s gold standard for anti-aging as far as skin care goes and is tried, tested and proven. It works by promoting rapid skin cell turnover which addresses a multitude of skin concerns including large pores, fine lines, wrinkles, acne, pigmentation, skin laxity and dull or uneven skin tone.”

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