Beauticate · This Product Cut My Laser Downtime Dramatically

By July 30, 2016No Comments

Melanie’s Skin Health Manager Clare McColl swiftly welcomes me in, gowns me up, does a double cleanse and asks me to sign some consent forms before snapping some photos of my skin so we can track the progress. She then applies a very thick layer of jelly to protect my skin from the laser and Mel steps in to take over. “Today, for your Signature Laser Facial, we’re using a combined modality of Intense Pulse Light, Radio Frequency and YAG Laser to target brown spots, capillaries and diffused redness which evens out the skin tone and unifies the complexion,” announces Mel, as she dons a pair of fetching protective glasses and holds up the laser handpiece, smiling reassuringly. “This is a wonderful treatment for tidying up any tonal imperfections and a really effective option for those who can’t afford the downtime of more aggressive lasers.”



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