Byrdie · One Of Sydney’s Top Facialists Is Launching A Skincare Product

By September 13, 2016No Comments

As if that wasn’t enough, just last night, Melanie posted on her Instagram account that her very own skincare product is officially in the works. Melanie Grant Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF 50+ has just gone into production and will officially launch in February 2019.  So. Damn. Exciting.

We asked Mel to share a little info, so keep scrolling to read.

“This is the final sample for the first product in a new range I’ve been developing for many years. I’ve loved the process of working on my own brand to complement the existing products and businesses I work alongside.

The first product has just gone into production and will officially launch early next year. Initially, the products will be available within my three studios and online at (which ships internationally). Following this, the plan is to extend the offer of suncare-focused products in various forms; the second product to follow the chemical daily moisturiser will be a physical version.

This product range is aligned to my clinical skincare practice, combining technical know-how with traditional beauty principles.

The idea was born from not being able to consistently deliver my clients a high-quality broad spectrum SPF 50+ as a daily moisturiser. I need to emphasise that this is more than just sun protection; it’s a true multi-talker. I’m so proud to have created a light weight, breathable, daily barrier against UVA and UVB rays, environmental aggressors like pollution, and free radicals, whilst also offering a three-in-one moisturiser that illuminates and hydrates the skin. It works as either a base for makeup, or worn alone for anyone on the go.”

Watch this space for a review once the product is launched.

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