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Omnilux is a light therapy treatment often used as part of a full facial experience. The red light stimulates cellular activity and blood flow increases so you get greater tissue oxygenation and detoxification. Skin appears clearer with less fine lines and more hydrated and plumped up.

We say: “I completed [my mincrodermabrasion] treatment with an Omnilux Medical Light Therapy. This is great to induce collagen, resulting in plump, firm and luminous skin.” — Rachael Finch at Melanie Grant Double Bay

Where: Visit a salon which uses a genuine Omnilux™ machine to get the best results.

How much is it? From $99 for one 20 minute treatment. Buy a series of 8-10 to see the best results and to get a package price.

Why it’s worth it: This light therapy is like a super-boost for your other skincare ingredients and treatments making them work harder and giving you more radiant, glowy results.