Prettyish · Beauty Oil Tips From A Celebrity Skin Expert

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Let’s all agree that facial oils do great things for your skin. But, if you’re not applying the stuff correctly, you could be missing out on a ton of benefits. Opinions differ wildly online about how to apply your oil: Should you be applying oil straight to the skin or mixing with moisturizer? Should someone with oily skin be following a different technique to a girl whose complexion runs a little dry? You have questions—and we have the definitive answers, with a little help from Melanie Grant. She is one of Australia’s leading voices in beauty and an official skin expert at Chanel who counts Victoria’s Secret model Elyse Taylor, Vogue editrix Christine Centenera, blogger Nicole Warne, and Australian It-girl Lara Worthington (née Bingle) among her list of high-profile clients. It’s safe to say she knows what’s what, so let’s get into it.

1. Always go against gravity.

When it comes to caring for skin, Melanie’s golden rule is to work against gravity. “We are only given one face and we need to make sure we are caring for it as best we can.” 

2. Apply every evening.

While dry face oils, such as those that contain rosehip oil and other ingredients that absorb quickly, can be applied day or night, Melanie recommends prioritizing oil in the evening and to layer it on over the top of your night serum. “Our skin naturally produces less oil and regenerates overnight so this is a time where it benefits from nourishment and support,” Melanie told Prettyish. “Applying a good quality face oil in the evening is a really effective way to deliver vital nutrients and essential fatty acids deep into the skin to re-lipidate devitalized, dry, stressed and lack-luster skins all whilst we sleep.”

When it comes to applying oils to her face, Melanie has her technique down pat: “I first mist the skin to make it more receptive to absorption. I love both Biologique Recerche L’Eauxygenante and Cosmedix mystic.” Next, she warms a generous amount of oil in between her hands and presses into her face, neck and décolletage. “I love to work it into my skin using gentle to moderate flowing strokes, always in an upward motion. Against gravity, lifting and firming,” she added.

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