Sampled · The Sampled Team Review A Melanie Grant Facial

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SAMPLEDBY_ROSE – Custom Skin Health Facial

What was your skincare concern going in and what facial did you ask for?
Fine Lines, Pigmentation and milia. I requested for the customised facial as I strongly believe in the advice and expertise of credible beauty therapists. I wanted to know what they thought my skin needed and to see whether there was anything else I should be aware of.

What was your treatment/facial experience like?
The facial was sublime. I haven’t been for a facial in a couple of years and I forgot how relaxing & therapeutic it is… and I also realised how much my skin needed it! There were several masks, a peel, microdermabrasion, light therapy, a massage… It was heaven.

What results did you see/ how did you skin feel post facial?
After the facial I felt like I had new fresh skin, my skin was firmer, glowing and 100x more hydrated. It’s made me feel like I need to look after and protect my skin more to maintain the results I experienced after the facial.

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