THE FILE · Transeasonal Beauty: How And When To Switch Up Your Skincare

By April 10, 2018No Comments

According to our go-to dermal therapist, Melanie Grant, who also happens to be behind the angelic complexions of many a supermodel, a chemical exfoliator “dissolves the glue that holds dead skin cells together, thus allowing them to come away…leaving a glow-y, smooth, polished complexion without scrubbing.” Really, you’d be mad not to subscribe to this beauty MO all year round – though not all chemicals were created equal. While you’re sweating up a storm in the summertime go for an oil soluble AHA solution, like salicylic acid, to keep pores unclogged and oil free. For skin ravaged by snow storms, red wine and nights of interminable passion by the fireplace, opt for a BHA, like a lactic acid – it’ll gently slough away dull skin while increasing hydration levels and collagen production sans irritation